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About Us

About UsRaj Logistics is a specialist in consulting on Rental Services which has been operating since 2005 by the name of Raj Logistics. The company is well established and boasts an impressive list of clients, who come from the Public, Private, Voluntary, Education and Charity Sectors.
Our skilled team made possible the current success. We have developed a range of clients through uninterrupted services in the standard events, but we also regularly work on low budget small scale local community events and festivals. Our specialism is in Wedding Sector, but we have also been heavily involved in grand scale community celebration events. Over the years, we have found that, we have built a reputation for friendliness and reliability and our professional approach to our business activities are unrivalled and cannot be matched by our competitors. Our services show the way for others to achieve a program successfully. This does, however, help to reinforce that we are one of Bangladesh’s Leading Specialist Rental Service Provider with an envious list of established industry contacts.

Our connectivity towards our clients is very responsive and specific. We certainly take care you by remembering through our skill.

Mission: To be the leading Rental Service Provider in Bangladesh, by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our CLIENTS through innovative ideas and the delivery of excellent service.vision_mission

Vision: To make a easier way to handle the events and enhance the confident of emerge as a dynamic, customer centric, progressive and reliable Rental Service Provider, with its presence across the globe, working in an environment of professionalism, trust and transparency, observing highest standards of
Rental Service and corporate social responsibility, meeting the expectations of all its stakeholders as well as the aspirations of its employees. Essentially, Pursuit of Elegance and Excellence is the core philosophy of the company.